Technical SEO and google Core Vital Fixes

See our full list of technical fixes below.

Full List Of Technical SEO And Google Core Vital Fixes

Getting the fundamentals right:

  • Verify Google Analytics is properly set up and tracking data
  • Verify Google Search Console is properly set up and monitoring website health
  • Install an SEO solution for the website
  • Set up uptime monitoring to ensure the website is always accessible
  • Ensure the website has necessary pages such as Privacy Policy, and TOS etc.
  • Set up keyword rank tracking to monitor search engine performance

Fixing the user side:

  • Verify the website uses pretty permalinks for easier navigation
  • Verify the website is mobile-friendly for optimal user experience
  • Verify the website loads quickly
  • Keep URLs short and easy to remember
  • Optimize the 404 page to provide helpful information and suggestions
  • Make it easy for users to share content on social media etc.
  • Claim your brand on various social networks to improve visibility

Fixing the technical SEO aspects:

  • Ensure the website uses HTTPS to provide a secure browsing experience
  • Ensure the website has one www. version for consistency
  • Fix any mixed content issues to prevent security warnings
  • Check for a sitemap and submit it to Google Search Console for better indexing
  • Check for a robots.txt file to control crawling and indexing
  • Ensure URLs have proper redirects to
  • Ensure URLs have proper canonical setup
  • Look for and repair any broken links to improve user experience
  • Look for and repair any redirect chains for optimal page speed
  • Fix any missing meta titles/descriptions to improve SEO
  • Use redirects properly to avoid unnecessary redirects
  • Look for index coverage issues and fix any errors or warnings
  • Check for manual penalties and take appropriate action
  • Ensure pages are reachable within a maximum of three clicks
  • Ensure proper use of “noindex” and “nofollow” tags to control indexing and crawling
  • Stop irrelevant pages from indexing to avoid duplicate content issues

Fixing the classic on-page SEO mistakes:

  • Ensure the target keyword matches user intent for optimal relevance
  • Include the target keyword in the URL, title, and heading on each page for better optimization
  • Include the focus keyword in the first paragraph for improved relevance
  • Check for only 1 x  H1 tag on each page for better structure and hierarchy
  • Use an SEO-oriented meta title with the correct length
  • Include a captivating meta description to entice readers
  • Better organize subheadings for content hierarchy
  • Make any necessary changes to the format and style of content for optimal readability
  • Link to related inner pages to improve website navigation
  • Avoid linking to a webpage with the same anchor text the linking page is trying to rank for to avoid duplicate content issues
  • Tag images appropriately so Google can recognise
  • Configure image alt text to improve accessibility
  • Look for social markup and implement it where appropriate
  • Check dwell time and improve
  • Aim for the featured snippet by providing valuable and relevant content
  • Avoid over-optimization to prevent penalties and maintain a natural flow of content.

Fixing the overlooked aspects of SEO:

  • Verify GZIP Compression is enabled
  • Verify HTTP/2 is enabled
  • Implement a caching solution
  • Minify JS/CSS files to improve load time
  • Resize large images at upload to reduce load time
  • Compress and optimize images to reduce file size and load time
  • Implement lazy loading for images and iframes to improve page speed
  • Update website technology to the latest version
  • Optimize database for better performance


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