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  • You’re looking for expert guidance and support from a marketing company that’s helped businesses like yours rank no.1 on Google Maps.

Expert Strategies for Your GMB Success

  • Seasoned GMB Mastery: Our expert team, armed with deep knowledge and proven tactics, navigates the complexities of GMB optimization to significantly increase your local customer base and enhance your digital footprint.

  • Custom-Crafted GMB Roadmaps: We don’t just optimize; we tailor-make GMB strategies that align perfectly with your business’s unique characteristics and the nuances of your local market, ensuring your listing not only stands out but also resonates with your target audience.

  • Results-driven approach: Beyond standard metrics, our approach is rooted in tangible outcomes like lead generation and active customer engagement. We’re committed to continuously refining your GMB listing, leveraging real-time data to drive substantial growth and solidify your online authority.

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GMB Accelerator Packages: Boosting Visibility and Capturing Premium Clients

Bronze GMB Accelerator

City population of 300k or less

Key Services

Silver GMB Accelerator

City population of 700k or less

Key Services

Gold GMB Accelerator

City population of 1 million or less

Key Services

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Full Breakdown of All our GMB Services

Breakdown of Our GMB Accelerator Program

Dominate the Map Pack with Our GMB Accelerator Suite

For businesses seeking dominance in their local markets, the digital landscape is where opportunities are won or lost. With the majority of local customers making decisions based on what they see in Google’s map pack, our GMB Accelerator package offers unparalleled advantages.

We blend cutting-edge technology with strategic foresight, offering heatmap analytics that displays your rankings across the city—a level of detail unseen in conventional Local SEO services.

Your business will be positioned to rank for both high-intent and high-volume keywords, ensuring prominence in the most affluent neighborhoods.

1. Optimized Google Business Profile:

Our service begins with a thorough optimization of your Google Business Profile. We update and polish all facets, from your business information to engaging visuals and a detailed description, ensuring your digital storefront is complete, accurate, and appealing to potential customers.

2. Dynamic Posting Strategy:

We engage your audience with regular content, posting updates, offers, and photos up to multiple times a week. This active presence not only helps with your conversion rate but also signals to Google the relevance and freshness of your business. We strategically match keywords here that are found on your website.

3. Reputation and Reviews Management:

Your business’s reputation is our priority. We manage and respond to reviews, incorporating strategic keywords that boost your relevance for targeted searches. By cultivating a steady stream of genuine reviews, we enhance trust and visibility. 

We employ an automated process that encourages satisfied customers to share positive experiences, directly enhancing your Google My Business profile with glowing reviews. For the less-than-stellar feedback, our system discreetly routes these to a private feedback form, allowing you to address concerns without impacting your public rating. With our streamlined SMS and email follow-ups, and an easy-to-use link for reviews, managing your online reputation has never been more effortless or effective.

4. Strategic Google Buying Signals:

Our advanced approach leverages Google Buying Signals and infuses them with our exclusive secret sauce to demonstrate user engagement and interest. We meticulously engineer interactions—from dwell time and CTR enhancements to strategic map pin placements and driving direction requests. By integrating website link clicks and refining the user journey towards your GMB, we create a comprehensive signal blueprint that significantly boosts your visibility. This multi-dimensional approach ensures a robust online presence, placing your business prominently on the map where it matters most. 

5. Analytics and Reporting:

Transparent monthly heatmap reporting provides you with actionable insights into your Google Maps ranking performance. By understanding user behavior and profile interaction, we fine-tune our strategies for continued growth and improvement.

Results-Driven Keyword Expansion:

Our Local SEO strategy is meticulously crafted to broaden your digital reach and connect with a wider audience:

  • Expansive Non-Branded Keyword Ranking: Captures new customer segments by targeting and ranking for high-volume, non-branded search terms. Meaning new traffic, who don’t already know your brand.
  • High-Intent Keyword Focus: Hones in on keywords with significant user intent, driving ready-to-convert traffic directly to your business.
  • Heatmap-Guided Area Targeting: Leverages heatmap analytics to strategically target affluent areas and capitalize on areas with low-hanging fruit potential.
  • Extended Ranking Radius: Expands your GMB’s ranking radius, increasing visibility and influence over a larger geographic area.
  • Top 3 Google Maps Visibility: Aims for a prominent position within the top 3 on Google Maps searches. This strategic positioning ensures dual visibility — your business will shine in the map pack during standard Google searches and on Google Maps itself

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What is CTR or Google buying signals?

CTR is “Click Through Rate,” but we like to refer to it as “Google buying signals”. Google Buying signals refer to users’ online behaviors that indicate they are ready to make a purchase or visit a business’s physical location. These signals may include various actions taken on Google’s search results or maps, such as clicking on a business’s website or directions, searching for specific products or services, or leaving a review.

Google uses these buying signals to determine which businesses to show in its local search results, as it wants to provide the most relevant and helpful results to users. Therefore, having a strong presence on Google and optimizing for these buying signals can help businesses attract more local customers and improve their online visibility.

What is CTR protocol?

CTR protocol refers to the practice of artificially increasing the click-through rate (CTR) of a business’s Google search results or map listing by using advanced SEO tactics. This may include incentivizing or paying people to click on the listing, using click bots, or other methods that aim to enhance the CTR metric.

It’s best to use best practices to do it safely and stay away from using bots.

Why is GMB management important?

GMB management is important because it can improve a business’s online visibility, customer engagement, and local search rankings. By optimizing and regularly updating their GMB listing, businesses can attract more customers, increase revenue, and gain a competitive advantage over their competitors in the local market. Accurate and up-to-date information on a GMB listing can also help potential customers make informed decisions about whether to visit or contact a business.

How does GMB management affect my business's search engine rankings?

Google uses several factors when determining the local search rankings of a business, and a well-optimized GMB listing is one of the most critical.

Regularly updating the listing with new photos, reviews, and other relevant information can signal to Google that the business is active and engaged with its customers, which can improve its local search rankings further.

What are some common mistakes to avoid when managing my GMB profile, and how can I ensure its success?
  • Inaccurate or inconsistent information
  • Neglecting reviews
  • Poor-quality photos
  • Neglecting updates
Do I need to pay the full cost upfront?

Yes, we take payment upfront, as we have a lot of up front costs. Ideally you stay for at least 3 x months to see the best results, and payment is taken at the beginning of each month.

How do I decide if I need GMB Accelerator or Local SEO?

Glad you asked; we’ve done a detailed article on this question.

Find out which is the right choice for your local business in this article.

Do I need the reviews and are they safe?

The reviews are necessary for our process, and they are entirely safe once done correctly.

You don’t have to use ours if you can provide your own 10 per month consistently.


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